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No you can not. Multiple login to an account may block your username and IP address. However, you can request an additional connection at an additional cost.

We support all types of devices such as: MAG, Android Smartphone, Android Box, Enigma, DreamBox, Vu + (…), PC, VLC, Kodi / XBMC (…), Smart TV.

No, you will be connecting the subscription smart-iptv servers via the Internet and you do not need satellite or dish equipment.

Traditional satellite dish requires the client to introduce a dish link line on their TVs. IPTV offers a novel answer for clients to appreciate satellite stations and broadband web association in home/premise through one single association. IPTV gives better caliber in more moderate cost than customary satellite help.

Link3 IPTV service picture quality will be glass type clear in your TV screen.

For having Link3 IPTV, you need to have running Link3 Internet Connection in your home and that needs to be in active mood. It will Run in any of your current Link3 Internet Pack.


1. What are the advantages of IPTV?

Typically, IP or Internet Protocol television has several advantages. It offers a potential and highly profitable perspective in today’s market, seen by countless telecom providers, and envisions positive and profitable new services that can generate new revenue.

3. What is IPTV?

Today, in the age of technology, television equipment can be furnished in different ways. IPTV is one of the best systems to introduce to exert massive influence. The name specified, IPTV, called Internet Protocol Television, is formed throughout the use of the Internet Protocol and if the service is likely to be used for synchronization with telecommunications with which broadband connections are widely used, any service providing packet data can be used. used.

2. What are the basics of the IPTV system?

In general, there are two basic IPTV systems that allow the retention of material for the purposes of IPTV. It can be directed to multiple people at once through broadcast material or can be used to deliver video on demand whenever the material is delivered to a single subscriber who has requested that specific item. The system is based on a set-top box and other necessary elements.

4. Can I record any program or content of channels and watch later when I wish?

Yes, you can record and watch whenever you want.


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